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Start Suing Schools | Shootings Violence Must Stop

Updated: May 27, 2022


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Schools have been getting away with negligent security for far too long. They blame politicians, gun manufacturers, the lack of parenting, over-bearing parenting, video games, short-comings of previous generations, etc. But when have they asked: "Know what? We need to protect our students in the same manner that a company protects their employees. Or how about this one: We value the lives and safety of our students as much as we value the lives and safety of our elected politicians. Oh! Maybe this one: We value the lives and safety of our students as much as we value the lives of our favorite music bands, performers, actors, and other famous people.

Crazy, violent, angry, and mentally ill people hunt down celebrities, politicians, and corporate management on a daily basis. Since those men & women are valued... money, time, and resources are invested in their protection. That means physical barriers, armed security, access control via programmed badges, intrusion detection, and intruder delay / interruption mechanisms.

If a shooting occurs at a company, the owners can be found liable if one or more of the following items are shown in a court of law:

  1. A Known & Agreed Upon Relationship Between The Company & Victim(s)

  2. A Duty of Care Exists By The Company

  3. Foreseeability Based On Previous Criminal Acts, Violence, etc.

  4. Negligence of Reasonable Precautions Taking The Above Items Into Consideration

While schools claim they value the safety and security of their students, a quick look into their accounting records may not back that up. A company however, may have a full time security force, electronically controlled gates, fencing, visitor control and funneling, and more. An employee may have a badge that allows them through the front gate... but not the back gate. Their badge will let them into the front door, elevator, and their office... but not the floors they're not assigned to... or other people's offices.

Companies have cameras. Police vehicles have cameras. Officers have body cams.

It's time for schools to do the same. It's time for cameras in the classroom. It's time for access control and electronic badging. It's time for intruder delay measures. It's time for schools to own up to their past failings and PROVE to their communities that they value the lives and safety of their students as much as they value celebrities, politicians, etc.

Every time we turn on the news, someone is wanting to hold a politician accountable or sue a gun manufacturer. Listen - those folks don't have nearly the relationship to, or duty of care of, YOUR STUDENT/CHILDREN. The school DOES though.

After school districts begin paying out millions, administrators start getting fired for neglect of security - in relation to foreseeable events - they will begin to demonstrate (not just say) how much the lives & safety of students matter.

Can the suggested actions prevent all violence? No. But they can definitely reduce the incidents and save lives.

Look - can all traffic accident deaths via drunk drivers be prevented? No. But if we wear our seat-belts, obey speed limits, drive safely per current road conditions, we can improve our probability of avoiding or surviving - that one terrible day - a drunk driver is coming right toward us.

Sure, most schools have a couple security officers... but most schools DON'T have good physical security. They have signs that say "No Guns Allowed" or Visitors Must Go To Admin Bldg". As if criminals, violent people, etc. will obey those signs. Some schools have actually removed police officers from their properties because of the current woke-idiocy.

For the past 30 years or so, all I've seen from the public school systems is an environment that breeds guilt, anger, inability to control emotions, defense of physical outbursts by staff and students (as long as supporting their approved cause), financial investments in gender fluidity & sexual grooming techniques. Even online school teachers have been recorded infusing their political rants into their students. It's ridiculous. It's weak. It's embarrassing.

Force the school systems to grow up and do everything they can to deny access to violent persons. If a violent person still manages to gain access, there should be technology in place to lock down rooms, drop gates in hallways, etc. Oh - and armed security dedicated to defending YOUR children. - end -



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